Trick your film with trick my film

The two performing artists Birte Brudermann and Bartek Kubiak, calling themselves “trick-my-film”, aim to motivate youngsters to articulate themselves on a certain subject, using the techniques of animation cinema.

While drawing, constructing objects, acting scenes, or e.g. doing sound-recordings in their Workshops, the creativity and capability of expression of the participants are stimulated and are extended.

While working with apprentices the affected subject is often their professional training and everyday-working-life. This concentrated examination often causes an increase of their self-confidence in the job-life. Additionally soft skills like Teamwork, independent action as well as the support of abstract thinking are promoted within the project time.

The final product of every project is a film, that unites documentary and artistic elements.

The usual time expiry contains an approx. one-hour preliminary discussion, two shooting days (in each case approx. 5 – 6 hours) and a final presentation of the work.

Ideally they work with a maximum of about15 people, divided to three small groups by approx. five people in each case.



+43 699 104 68 470





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