Abenteuer Kultur

Vocational training and study at Alnatura is modern, comprehensive and holistic. Fascinating and informative projects like the theater workshop ”Abenteuer Kultur” make vocational training into a holistic education. “Abenteuer Kultur” is an important and obligatory part of vocational training. Apprentices spend one week in a rural area and rehearse a play with a well-versed artistic team. They perform this play in a professional theater.

The theater workshop is normally led by two professional performing artists. They decide the theme of the play and prepare the lines. It is important that the apprentices look into a literature and artistic subject and decide on their roles themselves.

The play will be developed in an open artistic process together with the ideas of the apprentices. Sometimes lines will also be changed by the apprentices if it´s important for their role. It is an open, dynamic and creative process which makes the play into a collective artwork.

Apprentices have the chance to develop their own creativity and self-expression. To create something together can be helpful in developing self-initiative. The use of art can offer them opportunities for personal development in the in the area of creativity, communication, social and emotional competencies.


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