Vocational training and study at Alnatura is modern, comprehensive and holistic. Fascinating and informative projects like the artproject ”FilialART” make vocational training into a holistic education.

FilialART is an additional, elective workshop offered to apprentices of Alnatura. Under artistic direction, the FilialART-Team does arts for one week in an Alnatura Super Nature Market – while open for business. They present their artwork at a special event and exhibition at the end of that week.

The world of work inspires creativity. The Super Nature Market is the studio, the room of action and also the exhibition room. Different fields of art are used such as Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Music, Video, Performance and Actionart. Spontaneous ideas of the apprentices will be included in the art work.

Apprentices have the chance to develop their own creativity and self-expression. To create something together can be helpful in developing self-initiative. The use of art can offer them opportunities for personal development in the in the area of creativity, communication, social and emotional competencies.



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