Nikolaj Kunsthal: Part of Valby

Next to their work with the temporary exhibitions of the arts centre Nikolaj in Copenhagen, the educational department of Nikolaj has a long tradition of engaging themselves in outreach art projects. Part of Valby is one example. It forms part of a 4 year project Sæt kulturen i spil (“Set culture in movement”), a larger project across a number of municipalities and cultural institutions, aiming at encouraging people from social housing areas to take actively part in cultural processes.

In Part of Valby Nikolaj Kunsthal worked together with photographer and video artist Tina Enghoff and a group of youngsters from a particular neighbourhood in Valby, Copenhagen. In the project they wanted to create video works that blurred the border between curator, educator, artist and participants. For half a year the group came together twice a week in workshops, working with themes such as confidence, lies, friendship, role models. The final results of the process were a number of short films about each of the participants and a person they identified as a role model for them.

In a future part of the project the youngsters will promote their own films at schools.


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