Is This Really Art? Workshop

Having in mind that the Collection of the Zagreb Museum (exhibited as Collection in Motion) consists of many important contemporary artworks by Croatian and international artists and that especially young people easily link, communicate and interact with contemporary media works – Educational Department conceived the program under the title Is This Really Art?  This program was based on different types of informal conversations, workshops, guided tours with professionals, curators, educators, artists, actors but also with young teenage volunteers.

The aim of the workshop Is This Really Art?, which was lead by Nada Beroš, Head of Education, is a continuation of this long-term project and was primarily meant to help the young people to explore the permanent Collection in Motion at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

We have chosen the works that mostly confuse the audience (young and adult) due to their “simple” nature, based on Duchampian “ready-made” principle. We have often heard the question in our exhibition spaces caused by our visitors’ wonder and sometimes even anger: Is this really art? In order to answer this and similar questions, we have selected art pieces by famous Croatian and international artists (Braco Dimitrijević, Boris Bućan, Ben Vautier, Dragutin Trumbetaš…) and interpreted them in an understandable and engaging manner. Our stories about the selected works of art are accompanied by dialogue we provoke with the participants, with funny comments in a wish to make contemporary art reflect participants needs and interests: it becomes both accessible and mysterious, intellectual and funny, spicy and captivating, educational and entertaining, simple and complex, wise and cheeky. But most of all, the main goal was to motivate the participants to observe the world and things around themselves in a new and different way.

The objective is to empower imagination and give support to creativity of participants.
One of the aims was to encourage their need to acquire new knowledge and skills in collaboration with curator(s) and educator(s) in order to establish two-way communication and learning from each other. Thus, Art and Museum, on one side, were demystified through the workshop and brought joy of discovery and fulfilment to participants and museum professionals in an equal way.


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