Thanks to the project Manucultura and the examples of good practice which we had the opportunity to see at the project meetings in Vienna, Copenhagen and Bickenbach, the Museum of Contemporary Art has created a workshop intended for students of vocational schools and young interns employed in Croatian companies.

We involved Svetlana Patafta, actress and drama educator, as the workshop manager who also proposed the content to the workshop. Svetlana presented the workshop to our project partners at the project meeting in Zagreb on April 8, 2016.

Alongside the permanent exhibition the workshop was carried out in the “Collection in Motion”, as well as on the stage of the multimedia hall “Gorgona”.

The workshop participants had the opportunity to become more conscious of their body, movements, and emotions while interacting with their colleagues through art. In doing so they managed to accomplish a set of goals: they become more conscious of ther own body as an important instrument for the development of communication skills, especially non-verbal communication. Another goal of the workshop was to strengthen the self-confidence and self-esteem of young people, as well as to develop critical and creative thinking. They also discussed the differences in mutual communication, in this case, via social media such as Facebook, or in real-life.

The base for creating this workshop were the works from the permanent collection of the MSU “Art as Life”.


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