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MANUCULTURA project involves five European partners
that are promoting cultural education in their different social context.
The coordinating organisation KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) which works at the interface of schools,       the arts and culture in Austria, and has been implementing now for 25 years a cultural education programme specially developed for the dual education system (apprenticeship plus vocational school): “Programm K3 – Cultural Education with Apprentices”. 55KKA_Logo4c_300_klein
In Germany, the company Alnatura relies on cultural education to inspire creativity in its young trainees through projects such as “FilialART” and “Abenteuer Kultur”. ALN_Dachmarke_RGB_500px-Web
In Croatia’s museum landscape, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) in Zagreb is developing new approaches to cultural education, with apprentices as its target group. Layout 1
One of the objectives of the Italy-based CESIE, a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, is to research and disseminate innovative education techniques in the VET sector (in institutions of initial vocational education and training). CESIE_Logo_Vector_vertical-page-001
The ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Denmark uses contemporary art as a point of contact for cooperation with VET institutions in its innovative cultural education programmes as well as to support young people in finding careers, e.g. in the programme “Food for Thought and Decision-Making”. Arken black

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