Soad Ibrahim, dance therapist and trainer working in CESIE, introduced a movement session.

In this workshop each participant has space to express through body language and movement all the process he/she went through during the all project life and its perspectives for the future. At the end of the session we created a common choreography collecting the personal movements that each one expressed during the workshop.

It was a chance to work as a group for a common porpoise and share your feelings through body language.



CESIE staff introduced the Creative thinking method to the Consortium.

According to the method Creative Thinking we can use our creative capacity to be able to dissociate an object from its real use and to make it become many other things…For example recycling materials can become interesting tools to be used to train our creative capacity. This activity can be implemented and adapted in different learning/training contexts (i.e educational institutions/schools, working environments, cultural institutions).

Moreover we introduce the Lateral thinking method using the six thinking hats, a technique that allows to direct the creative process in a structured and collaborative way. This method  allows to find new and creative ideas in different context and eventual solutions.

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Is This Really Art? Workshop

Having in mind that the Collection of the Zagreb Museum (exhibited as Collection in Motion) consists of many important contemporary artworks by Croatian and international artists and that especially young people easily link, communicate and interact with contemporary media works – Educational Department conceived the program under the title Is This Really Art?  This program was based on different types of informal conversations, workshops, guided tours with professionals, curators, educators, artists, actors but also with young teenage volunteers.

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Young people, come to… example of education within exhibition “Bauhaus – Networking and Practice”

International and exhibition project „Bauhaus – Networking Ideas and Practice“ iniciated for the first time collaboration with School of Applied Art and Design.  In a scope of preparation and realization of the exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art (May-July 2015), professors from the School of Applied Art and Design integrated the Bauhaus educational model in their seminars and workshops.

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Nikolaj Kunsthal: Part of Valby

Next to their work with the temporary exhibitions of the arts centre Nikolaj in Copenhagen, the educational department of Nikolaj has a long tradition of engaging themselves in outreach art projects. Part of Valby is one example. It forms part of a 4 year project Sæt kulturen i spil (“Set culture in movement”), a larger project across a number of municipalities and cultural institutions, aiming at encouraging people from social housing areas to take actively part in cultural processes.

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ARKEN Museum: How to become part of a 2D artwork

The educational department at ARKEN Museum in Ishøj, situated south of Copenhagen, has over a number of years explored how to make participants of educational programmes engage themselves in dialogues with the artworks through visual and sensory methods. Each different input from participants (whether visual/verbal/performative/other) is seen as a valuable contribution to the common production of meaning in the specific educational situation.

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